About Us
Nitto Construction Inc.
Headquartered in Oumu, Japan, civil engineering projects are the main business for Nitto Construction Inc.

The Development of the Concrete Tester (CT)
An incident in 1999 prompted President Hajime Kubo to consider the development of the CTS-02. When hearing news that a 200 kg block of concrete had fallen from a tunnel wall, Kubo wondered if Japan’s concrete structures were beginning to reach their limits. He realized that there was a need for an accurate and portable concrete testing device. Understanding that such equipment already existed, but lacked the auccuracy necessary, Kobu called on Kunio Gokudan (then an assocaie professor researching non-destructive concrete-testing methods at the department of Civil Engineering in Tokai University). Together Kobu and Gokudan overcame many technical challenges, and in 2005 unveiled Nitto Construction’s first Concrete Tester (CT). It was uniquely capable of simultaneously and automatically assessing the compressive strength of a concrete structure and the degree of deformation.

To date, Nitto Construction has sold over 250 CTS units in Japan and South Korea. This innovative technology is now being offered to a variety of testing agencies all over the world.

CTS-02 Awards
  • Hokkaido, Japan “Good Design” 2005 bronze award
  • Selected for Hokkaido Good Design Competition
  • Promoted in "New Hokkaido Products Trial"
  • Awarded for advancement of Construction Industry
  • Special Award from the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (Japan)