Measuring Method

The CTS-02 can measure compressive strength, degree of deterioration and degree of delamination using the measuring plane concept. Test concrete area by dividing testing blocks. After hammering concrete twenty times, the mean value with ±20% is automatically generated. The CTS-02 can be set to automatically discard or keep any measurements outside this range. After each hit, the result is displayed in 0.5 seconds
How to Use

The CTS-02 is incredibly easy to use, yet incomparably accurate. It comes pre-calibrated, requiring no calibration tools.


Measuring concrete with the CTS-02 requires only a light tap
CTS-02 Tests and Analyzes Entire Concrete Structure Surfaces Using Area Mode:
X represents points evaluated as poor by a specialist with hammer blow sounding. The contour map shows the distribution of strength indication value of the CTS-02 concrete tester. The results of the specialist and the estimation from the concrete tester are almost equal. Once data is transferred to a PC, one can trace out the estimated value of strength, degree of deterioration, and degree of delamination of the concrete structure. By establishing the distance between the points, it is possible to draw out the contour map on the surface of the concrete structure.

Actual concrete structure tested by hammer blow sounding method (X represents points from estimations)

Contour map shows the measurements of strength indicating value