CTS-02 Concrete Testing Hammer Versus Other Testing Procedures and Tools
Drawbacks of Other Concrete Testing Systems and Procedures:
Rebound Hammer
  • Surface Deterioration and Instrument Error causing measurement inaccuracy
  • Test is difficult and inconvenient, dataneeds correcting
  • Different methods to interpret the data collected
Sounding (with Hammer)
  • Test is subjective, no data is recorded
  • Subjective nature of test can lead to inaccurate judgments

Advantages of Revolutionary Design:
CTS-02 Concrete Tester
  • Easy to use as the Impact Sounding Method, but highly accurate at estimating concrete strength
  • Equal to iTECS technology at detecting deterioration
  • Real time detection
  • Real time localization of defects
  • Cost savings

Cost Comparison Example
( 130 Point/day = 3250 points )
Item Rebound Hammer CTS Difference
Measurement 13.8 hours 6.4 hours 54%
Data Analysis 20.8 hours 3.3 hours 84%
Test Free $3,825 $1,553 59%

• Concrete surface grinding not included – required by rebound hammer method
* Cost may vary by testing conditions
** Based on labor rates in Japan