The Hammer

The revolutionary CTS-02V4 is a multifunctional, highly accurate portable concrete testing tool. The device measures and analyzes the quality of concrete by the waveform of impact force at the point of hammer and concrete contact, without causing damage. A built-in Accelerometer measures blow force. With the CTS-02V4 it is now possible to measure the strength of older, deteriorated concrete and high strength concrete (up to 150N/mm2).

CTS-02V4 Specifications
Body Size 108mm x 169mm x 42mm (Outshoot is not included)
Hammer weight 380g
Waveform Measurements Sampling Clock: 0.5 microseconds, Measuring Time: 2 milliseconds
Power Supply Four Size AA Batteries (12 hours of Continual Usage)
Connection to PC USB connection. CTS-02V4 works as the USB device
Measurement Data Recordable up to approximately 500,000 data
CTS-02V4 Accessories
• Hammer (including Code) • USB Cable • Strap • Dedicated Storage Case • Batteries